TMI ALERT: i’m trying out The Keeper

i’m getting cramps. you know what that means? it’s almost time try out this little gem. ladies, behold, the keeper!

you fold it up and shove it in your vag during your period and it catches the blood in the handy little cup. no more nasty tampons or pads! save hundreds of dollars!

i’m a little nervous about using it for several reasons. will i really not be able to feel it? will removal be precarious? is cleaning going to be messy?

i’ll give you the verdict once my cycle is finished. one thing i already for sure, though–this officially makes me a hippie. i might as well buy some birkenstocks and dred my hair now.

1 Response to “TMI ALERT: i’m trying out The Keeper”

  1. 1 katie April 18, 2013 at 9:45 pm

    Omg, can we get a review on this?

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