‘sup homies?

Here’s a little update:

It’s busy like a bear that’s about to hibernate with a bunch of shit to do before it sleeps for six months.

Trapper John: we got into the DCM for the second year in a row! We’re practicing every week with our kickass coach, Megan Neuringer, to prepare and get generally stoked for the event. We’re doing shows with other indie teams a couple times per month, so check back for the deets. Aces!

UCB: I’m teching shows now, so if you see me in the booth, come say hi! I’m also taking lots of classes– had two sketch classes back to back, which means I’ve been writing lots of fart jokes. Hooray! I’m starting a 12-week improv 501 with Shannon O’Neill this week. Sweet!

Commercial Acting: I took Brooke & Mary’s workshop last month and have been freelancing with Carole Ingber since. Killer!

Coaching: If you’re part of an indie team that wants a coach on the cheap, give me a shout. Word!

Ok, lil’ homies. Glad we had this talk. Here’s a picture of a badass frog.

This is a bad ass frog. Don't mess with this dude!

1 Response to “‘sup homies?”

  1. 1 Corey Brown June 14, 2010 at 11:33 am

    Please coach my indie team, Turd Dumpster Tragedy plskthxyouarethebestever

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