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December Shows

hey guys! how much weight did you gain over the holidays? I went HAM on some stuffing and packed on like 3 lbs. yum.

here are my december show dates. oh! and don’t forget—Best Week Ever returns this Friday at 10 on VH1!

-12/1, BYOT, 10pm at UCBeast
-12/2, Free Cable, 9pm at Over the Eight
-12/5, Open Michelle, 5:30pm at UCBeast
-12/5, Double Wide Bar, 505 E. 3rd St., 8pm
-12/5, Best Week Ever Live! 8pm at The Stand
-12/7, Indie Cage Match, 7pm at UCBeast
-12/8, BYOT, 10pm at UCBeast
-12/9, Free Cable, 9pm at Over the Eight
-12/11, Roast of Your 15 Year Old Self, 8pm at Legion
-12/12, Open Michelle, 5:30pm at UCBeast
-12/12, Fonda Sketch Comedy, 8pm at The PIT
-12/13 Ladies Night, 8pm, TBA
-12/15, BYOT, 10pm at UCBeast
-12/16, Free Cable, 9pm at Over the Eight
-12/19, Open Michelle, 5:30pm at UCBeast
-12/29, BYOT, 10pm at UCBeast
-12/30, Free Cable, 9pm at Over the Eight

november show dates

here are this month’s NYC show dates!

-11/1, GENTRIFY!, 10:30pm, UCBeast
-11/3, BYOT, 10pm at UCBeast
-11/4, Free Cable, 9pm at Over the Eight
-11/5, Art & Comedy, 8pm at UCBeast
-11/7, Open Michelle, 5:30pm at UCBeast.
-11/8, Splitsider’s Dog & Pony Show, 7:30pm at UCBeast
-11/8, The Big Gulp, 7pm at Legion
-11/10, BYOT, 10pm at UCBeast
-11/11, Free Cable, 9pm at Over the Eight
-11/14, Open Michelle, 5:30pm at UCBeast.
-11/14, VH1’s Best Week Ever Live!, 8pm, The Stand
11/17, BYOT, 10pm at UCBeast
-11/18,  Free Cable, 9pm at Over the Eight
-11/19, UCB Correspondent Showcase, 9:30pm, UCBeast 
-11/21, Open Michelle, 5:30pm at UCBeast.
-11/24, BYOT, 10pm at UCBeast
-11/25, Free Cable, 9pm at Over the Eight
-11/25, Frantic! Mondays, 10pm at The Stand

August Calendar

Here are my August 2013 shows! Come to them and laugh! Also, if you want me to do a show you host, I will!

-8/1, Open Michelle, 5:30pm at UCBeast.
-8/4, B.Y.O.T., 10pm at UCBeast
-8/5, Free Cable, 8pm at Over the Eight
-8/8, Open Michelle, 5:30pm at UCBeast
-8/11, B.Y.O.T., 10pm at UCBeast
-8/14, Pop Quiz Hot Shot, 7pm at The PIT
-8/15, Open Michelle, 5:30pm at UCBeast
8/16, Cool Show (Not Lame), 8pm at Legion Bar in Williamsburg.
-8/17, HMS Quarterly Improv, 9:30pm at Triple Crown
-8/18, Comedy Dungeon, 8:30pm, 36 W 106th St
-8/18, B.Y.O.T., 10pm at UCBeast
-8/19, Motherboy, 8pm at Slainte, 304 Bowery
-8/20, Sandwich News character show, 7pm at The PIT
-8/21, Saw Her Stand Up There, 7:30 at Spike Hill
-8/22, Open Michelle, 5:30pm at UCBeast
-8/24, HMS Quarterly improv, 5pm at Launch Pad
-8/25,  B.Y.O.T., 10pm at UCBeast
-8/27, Orange Augustus Monthly Show, 9:30pm at Parkside Lounge
-8/29, Open Michelle, 5:30pm at UCBeast
-8/31 Novelization: A Reading Series Based on the Original Motion Picture, 8pm at Union Hall

*updated* November shows

Hey Sandy, I can only do so much laying on the couch watching Four Weddings before I start to go insane!! Some of my shows were cancelled, some rescheduled. Here’s the update:

-November 7: Stand-up at Sandy Animal Relief Benefit. Help the pups! Matchless, 8pm $20 donation.

-November 12: Storytelling at Local Stories in Park Slope. 7:30pm

-November 26: Co-hosting BYOT at UCBeast, 9:30pm

-November 27: Standup at Camp Sunshine at Public Assembly

LA Shows

I’m in LA for the month of September and I have some exciting shows:

-9/12, Minimum Rage at Comedy Central Stage
Comedy Central Stage at the Hudson
6539 Santa Monica Boulevard
(Cross street Hudson Avenue between Highland and Vine)

Show begins at 8:00pm
Absolutely Free
Reservations Required
To RSVP, please call 323.960.5519
Street and Lot Parking Available

-9/16 DC Pierson’s Magic Bag
The Little Modern Theatre
6476 Santa Monica Blvd.

-9/25 Good Luck Show
Good Luck Bar
8pm (Silverlake, I think.)

*p.s. if you want to book me on your show, just ask 🙂


Shows this week

  • 8/15 Standup at the Grisly Pear
    107 MacDougal St.
  • 8/16 Gelf Magazine Non-Motivational Speaker Series
    Le Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker St. (btwn Sullivan St. and Thompson St.)

DCM Schedule


Here’s my performance/work/hangout schedule for this weekend!

Squirt! Saturday, 9:15am, Urban Stages
The Hot Chicks Room Saturday, 11:45pm, UCBeast 

ALSO: I will be teching at UCB Chelsea on Saturday morning and bartending there Saturday night. Come say hi!

Twit That Shit

  • I'm taking two classes this semester & I literally haven't been in school since wi-fi was invented. Woah. 18 hours ago
  • All I wanted to do was relax on a luxurious sofa that I didn't pay for. 😿 @Anthropologie #couchgate 1 day ago
  • Hey @Anthropologie I'm getting my free couch, right? 1 day ago
  • It's always charming to see selfies being taken at the World Trade Center. 2 days ago

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