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March/April Shows


-3/20, Open Michelle, 5:30pm at UCBeast
3/20, Split Persionality, 7pm at Over the Eight 
3/20, Laugh and a Draft, 9pm at Flannery’s 
-3/23, BYOT, 10pm at UCBeast
-3/24, Saw Her Stand Up There, 7pm at Spike Hill 
3/24, Over the Eight, 9pm 
-3/25, Tits & Giggles, 8pm at Laughing Devil 
3/26, My Damn Channel Live, THE INTERNET
-3/27, Open Michelle, 5:30pm at UCBeast
-3/27, #HelpLiza, 8pm at Littlefield 
3/28, You Probably Think This Song is About You, 8pm at The PIT
-3/30, BYOT, 10pm at UCBeast 
4/1, Tits & Giggles, 8pm at Laughing Devil 
-4/3, Open Michelle, 5:30pm at UCBeast
-4/4, Slow Dance, 8pm, Niagara
-4/5, Pete’s Candy Store
-4/6, BYOT, 10pm at UCBeast 
4/7, Casual Sketch, M White, 6:45pm
-4/8, Tits & Giggles, 8pm at Laughing Devil 

november show dates

here are this month’s NYC show dates!

-11/1, GENTRIFY!, 10:30pm, UCBeast
-11/3, BYOT, 10pm at UCBeast
-11/4, Free Cable, 9pm at Over the Eight
-11/5, Art & Comedy, 8pm at UCBeast
-11/7, Open Michelle, 5:30pm at UCBeast.
-11/8, Splitsider’s Dog & Pony Show, 7:30pm at UCBeast
-11/8, The Big Gulp, 7pm at Legion
-11/10, BYOT, 10pm at UCBeast
-11/11, Free Cable, 9pm at Over the Eight
-11/14, Open Michelle, 5:30pm at UCBeast.
-11/14, VH1’s Best Week Ever Live!, 8pm, The Stand
11/17, BYOT, 10pm at UCBeast
-11/18,  Free Cable, 9pm at Over the Eight
-11/19, UCB Correspondent Showcase, 9:30pm, UCBeast 
-11/21, Open Michelle, 5:30pm at UCBeast.
-11/24, BYOT, 10pm at UCBeast
-11/25, Free Cable, 9pm at Over the Eight
-11/25, Frantic! Mondays, 10pm at The Stand

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